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Non-Cash Contributions

On occasion, Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd provides non-cash support to charitable and educational organizations which can range from internal services such as printing, creative design, media - audiovisual support; to the use of facilities -- like conference rooms or meeting space -- to used or surplus office supplies and equipment and professional and technical expertise. The same guidelines prevail for such "in-kind" support as financial support.
Product Donations

On a very limited basis, Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd donates some of its medicines for non-domestic medical relief and assistance under special circumstances. These donated products are distributed only through selected medical relief organizations.
Patient Assistance Programs

The Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd Patient Assistance Foundation provides our drugs for free to thousands of patients each year who lack prescription coverage and the means to pay for the medications they need. In 2005 alone, Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd distributed over $1 million worth of drugs to patients through our Programs.

Since starting one of the first industry-based programs in the early 1998s, we have been setting the standard for patient assistance. We have folders bursting with letters and photos from grateful patients, families and physicians - each a testament to how Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd touches lives, one patient at a time.
We remain committed to making sure every patient who needs our drugs gets them, whether they are a senior citizen being treated for cancer or a member of a working family facing an organ transplant.

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To get in touch with us, call on 91-22-2637 4592, 91--22-2637 4593 or fax us at 91-22-2634 1274 

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