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Joint Venture Business offer

1) You must have all the details of your foreign country to where you want to do business.
2) You please post your resume, authentic document and residential proof of your foreign citizenship through E-Mail or mail to our company.
3) The company will select you on the basis of your Country’s Rules & Regulations as per the norms of Your Government as one of our company’s Director.
4) You should invest authorized capital of the share money, while registration of the company in your country & as per the norms of your government rules & regulations and in turn of this investment company will allot the Share Certificate to you. As our company is Indian based, so it is necessary to introduce persons from that country where we want to establish our Branch office.
5) The company will send medicines worth twice the Authorize Capital Share in our company to you in your respective country after the establishment of the company.
6) You have to establish Branch office of the company in your country and all the expenses of opening the branch office, godowns and infrastructure will be bear by the company.


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