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Fly India's Leading Executive Jet Service

When you fly TajAir, we ensure that you have an enjoyable flight.

Spacious interiors
Relaxing environment
Competent Crew
World-class cuisine

Spacious interiors

You have abundant space on board TajAir.

Originally designed for sixteen passengers, our fleet of Falcon 2000 aircraft has been customized to seat 8 passengers. You have more than twice the space than any other executive jet available for air charter in India.

The aircraft offers you ample room for executive activity, be it for conferences, private one-on-one discussions or business meals. The spacious passenger area in the ergonomically designed aircraft allows multiple groupings in adjoining spaces without intrusion.

For a schematic view of the aircraft, click here.

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Relaxing environment

When you fly TajAir, you travel in the lap of luxury.

Our fleet of Falcon 2000 offers you the space and intuitive features that ensure you have a pleasant journey.

The luxurious cabin features, handcrafted seats and side panels are made of leather. The large windows offer panoramic views.

Our Falcon 2000 aircraft is equipped with a satellite phone and facsimile, so you can stay connected at all times.

For in-flight entertainment, you can watch a movie on a large LCD screen and listen to music on a high performance entertainment system.

You also have a real-time Map Air Show display that maps destinations and provides information about the places that you are flying over, temperature, speed of the aircraft and the time required to reach your destination.

If you wish you differ from the common cabin display you can choose a different source (movie/music) on your individual LCD Screen fitted with high fidelity headsets to have uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

Do specify your movie and music preferences at least 24 hours before departure.

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Competent Crew

You are ushered on board TajAir by a friendly flight attendant who ensures that you are well looked after.

An experienced crew trained at Flight Safety International, Paris flies your executive jet. The crew is supported by ground engineers trained in the manufacturer’s facility at Dassault, Paris.

Our engineers undertake rigorous inspections of the aircraft to meet the stringent norms and specifications specified by the manufacturer (Dassault), international and Indian regulatory authorities.

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World-class cuisine

The Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces has redefined the culinary experience by introducing Sichuan, Thai, Italian, Mexican and Californian cuisine in India. In the same tradition, TajAir offers a culinary journey for your taste buds.

You are served cuisine by TAJ SATS Air Catering Ltd., a joint venture between the Indian Hotels Company, popularly known as the Taj Group of Hotels and the Singapore Airport Terminal Services, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. The company provides innovative in-flight catering to leading domestic and international airlines from state-of-the-art catering facilities. TAJ SATS Air Catering Ltd. is the leader with over 60% share of the airline catering market in India.

The cuisine on board TajAir is a gourmet's delight. We offer you 4 international cuisine options over a three-course meal. For refreshments, we serve a choice of non-alcoholic beverages and gourmet coffees.

Also, we customize your cuisine according to your dietary needs. Do tell us your meal preference at least 48 hours before departure.

We serve the following meals subject to catering facilities at destinations and flight duration:

  Special meals     Vegetarian meals
Bland Meal
Diabetic Meal
Fat Free Meal
Fruit Platter Meal
Gluten Free Meal
High Fibre Meal
Low Sodium, No Salt Added Meal
Low Calorie Meal
Low Fat/Cholesterol Meal
Low Fibre/Residue Meal
Low Purine Meal
Low Protein Meal
Non Carbohydrate Meal
Non Lactose Meal
Soft Fluid Meal
Semi Fluid Meal
Ulcer Diet Meal
Raw Vegetarian Meal
Asian Vegetarian Oriental
Asian Vegetarian Indian
Indian Vegetarian
Western Vegetarian (dairy)
Western Vegetarian (non-dairy)

  Religious meals
Jain meal
Muslim meal
Hindu meal

  Child and Infant meals
Baby Meal
Post weaning Meal
Child Meal

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