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taj surgeryBased on descriptions of discovered Egyptian papyri, surgeries were performed by the ancient Egyptians. The tools they used for surgery included knives, drills, saws, hooks, forceps, and pinchers. Some of these tools, somewhat modified, are still used for surgical purposes today.
In contrast with the role played by surgery in the past, surgery is more important now than ever. Surgical technology and techniques are so advanced that surgery is able to accomplish what ancient surgeons never dreamed of. Surgery is used for a great variety of diseases, including cancer treatment. In fact, it is the oldest form of treatment for cancer and until the mid 20th century, surgery was considered the only treatment modality that could cure patients with cancer.

Cancer surgery attempts to completely remove localized tumors or reduce the size of large tumors so that follow-up treatment by radiation or chemotherapy will be more effective.

Other than its curative purpose, cancer surgery may be done as a diagnostic (staging) process or a preventive measure. Surgeries are also performed to relieve pain or repair deformities and abnormalities caused by surgical treatment for cancer.

Sometimes, surgeries for different purposes may take place simultaneously. For example, curative surgery may be performed right after a diagnostic surgery or a curative surgery may be followed by a reconstructive surgery.

Generally surgery involves cutting into the body (incision) to explore or remove tissue while the patient is under anesthesia.

Surgical techniques used for surgery include cryosurgery, electrocauterization surgery, laser surgery, gamma knife, and en bloc resection. These techniques will be discussed in detail later.
Actually the term "surgery" implies different types of meanings. But in medical world, it is called an "operation" which involes cutting, slicing, sutures, laser.. etc. done by surgeons.

Types of Surgery

Why Surgery

If you are suffering from any specific heatlh problem, or disease sometimes on extreme conditions your doctor (physician) may recommend surgery for a way to cure or control your health problem or disease upon careful evaluation of your body condition and considering your person medical history. Before, deciding on type of surgery, your physician may conduct various types of medical testing such as X-ray, Scan, Blood & Urine Tests... etc.
What is Surgery - Definition to Surgery
If you are suffering from any specific heatlh problem, or disease sometimes on extreme conditions your doctor
Ear Surgery Methods & Techniques
Men and Women have long been fascinated with adorning themselves. One of the major parts of the
Eye Surgery Information
Eye surgeries are usually done to correct defects in the vision like myopia and hyperopia
About Brain Surgery
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Back Surgery Methods
Back pain has been haunting people for a very long time. Pain in the back is normally regarded as pretty troublesome
Surgery for Breast Cancer
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A gastric bypas surgery is an operation that is performed for those people who are willing to lose weight in a short period
Plastic Surgery Information
Plastic surgery is a pretty common operative procedure that is undertaken by many people these days
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A vascular surgery involves the treatment of the blood vessels in our body. The main type of problem
Spine Surgery Information
With the advancement in technology the spinal surgery has transformed to one that is minimally invasive
Bypass Heart Surgery Methods
A bypass heart surgery is done to bypass any clogs in the artery and to enable smooth flow of blood to and from
About Gall Bladder Surgery
Gall bladder surgery is performed to get relief from the pain due to the gall stones that are formed in the gall bladder
Surgery for Weight Loss
Weight loss surgery is something that is opted for by obese people who have their body mass index over 40
Lower Back Surgery
Back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons and is generally a very painful condition that requires diligent
Abdominoplasty Surgery Details
Abdominoplasty surgery may be defined as one of the surgery procedures that have started to gain some significance
Bariatric Surgery Information
Bariatric surgeries are the technique used to reduce the weight of an individual by surgical means
Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic surgeries are done to enhance the functionality of some parts of the body and to give a good appearance to
Facelift Surgery Purpose
Facelift surgeries come under the cosmetic plastic surgeries. These surgeries are done to enhance the looks of a person
Foot Surgeries
Foot surgeries are increasingly done now-a-days for cosmetic reason or for curing an infection or deformity
Lip Surgery Benefits
A lip surgery is usually done by women to enhance the looks of the lips. Lips are considered sensual to a women
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
People are affected by multiple problems in their mouth, jaws and related organs. These cause various troubles including
Orthognathic Surgery
The common name for Orthognathic surgery is Jaw correction surgery. This is mainly used to correct jaw related
Penile Enhancement Surgery
Penile enhancement is sought after by men who think that they have small penis. There is a wrong notion that
Sleep Apnea Surgery
Sleep apnea surgery is one of the specialized surgical technique that is being carried out to make remedy in cases
Disclaimer - The contents of this site are for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a qualified physician for any doubts. 
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