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Pharma Health Kiosk
   Taj Pharma Health Kiosk

The Taj Pharmaceuticals Health Kiosk is an exciting, entertaining way to find out more about health and disease. A wealth of examples illustrate how healthy organs function and how diseases develop.

Taj Pharmaceuticals Health Kiosk explains:

- Type 2 diabetes
- Cardiovascular disease
- Osteoporosis
- Cancer
- Overweight
- Influenza
- Hepatitis C

The Taj Pharmaceuticals Health Kiosk will take you a journey through the human body, providing an inside look at the processes of life and offering breathtaking views of how our body works. You will see a beating heart, watch insulin being released from the pancreas, look at the chromosomes inside a cell, examine the composition of bone in the spine and see witness flu viruses invading the membranes lining the upper respiratory system.

Experience all this and start your interactive journey with the Taj Pharmaceuticals Health Kiosk.

The hepatitis C virus enters the liver through the bloodstream

The hepatitis C virus enters the liver through the bloodstream


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