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Spacer The Taj Pharmaceuticals Corporate Sustainability Committee

Corporate HandsThe Corporate Sustainability Committee is the body within Taj Pharmaceuticals that coordinates and fine-tunes the Group's sustainable development strategy. It reports directly to the CEO and consists of representatives of the following corporate functions:

In addition, there is a groupwide network of local and divisional experts who address specific issues, e.g. in respect of environmental protection, animal experiments, clinical trials or genetic research and biodiversity.

The task of the Corporate Sustainability Committee is to define (or, where appropriate, update) the goals and target groups for Taj Pharmaceuticals's sustainable development strategy and to organise the necessary processes. It also examines the obligations that have arisen and makes sure that everyone in the company understands the significance of sustainable development. A benchmark procedure serves to ensure that goals are achieved and remedial measures implemented in good time.

The Committee's activities:

  • ensure that its role is firmly established within the organisation and among the top managers

  • encourage integration of sustainable development principles throughout the Group.


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