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Message to the world wide doctors

Dear Doctors,

Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Deals in all types of surgical equipments & medicines.

The Board of Directors of TAJ Pharmaceuticals Ltd. had taken a decision with full majority that, our company will supply all types of surgical equipments & medicines on reliable cost or no profit no loss basis to all the Government Hospitals across the India.

We donít desire any profit from our own country Government Hospitals.

You must know that, quality of medicines & surgical equipments supplied to the government hospitals doesnít have standard quality & appropriate results, & this is also the matter of concern for us that when you discuss all this matter to the Ministers & Administrative officials about the frightful conditions of the government Hospitals & for further changes & progress they least bother you. We ask you for how long this inheritance will continue, & any one has to first start!

Therefore our company desires that, this New Era of progress shall be first begun with you. If you take little bit of precaution while selecting the medicines & surgical equipments, you may save the life of thousands of people everyday.

So we can both of us try to start the New Era of Progress & along with the institution like you, we definitely able to serve the humanity & our motherland in much broad way.

Please inform us when you received this letter. If you have any query you are free to write us.

You please provide us your list of Medicines and other Equipments Required by your hospital.

We are looking forward to hearing from you next.

Our companyís R & D Ayurvedic & Herbal Division is continuously researching on many uncured diseases & we have so far discovered the Ayurvedic medicines that can fully cure the diseases like-: All types of Jaundice, All kinds of infants problem & infection in kidney, All Kinds of liver Diseases & Problem, All kinds of Anemia, All kinds of Blood problem & blood diseases, All Kinds of thyroid, All kinds of Kidney problem & Renal failure, All kinds of Hepatitis-Virus infection, All kinds of cancer, All kinds of Tuberculosis-Bronchitis, All kinds of Blood- Cancer, All kinds of HIV & related TB.

Our Marketing division is already applied for the patent of above all the said medicines& we will soon launch all this medicine in Indian & abroad market.


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